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Welcome to Total Teamwork Training for Dogs and Their Families!

Do you have issues with your dog?
You think you’ve tried everything but it just didn’t work!

By developing specialized programs, we teach you and your family how to improve your dogs’ behavior, and we teach you a different approach in training and managing your crazy beast! Our training classes and personalized home training programs can offer you new ideas to help your dog become an accepted member of your family. Located in northwest Colorado, we offer training in Craig, Steamboat Springs, Meeker, Hayden and more.

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Got a new puppy? We can help! Start training that puppy the day you bring him home - actually be prepared ahead of time. Collect the things you need, puppy proof your home, then plan to take the time it takes to help your puppy safely enter his new home. Please visit our PROGRAMS page for more details.

We believe it takes:

  • TOTAL family participation
  • Consistent TEAMWORK in establishing a daily routine
  • And lots of gentle positive TRAINING methods the whole family can use

Our instructors and behavior specialists guide the teamwork with step by step instructions involving relationship building, management skills and teaching new and more acceptable behavior for the family dog. Please visit our ABOUT US page for more in-depth information about our team.

Dog training has come a long way since the era of traditional obedience exercises. In our family dog training program we’ve eliminated some formal “obedience” work, and added a total family participation program, including a well rounded and consistent management schedule. 

This training can then be taken on the road, so to speak, to help your dog be included in family activities such as, after school outdoor activities, sporting events, picnics in the park, and any other activity where good doggy social behavior is required.

We’ve made it convenient to CONTACT US with special assignments or sign up for any one of our programs.  We can accommodate your lifestyle and schedule private or semi-private training in your home. We offer a FREE phone consultation, which starts with filling out our online questionnaire.

Thanks for visiting our web site! 

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