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Dog Classes and Programs:

Family Dog Training ClassFamily Dog Training is a six week course designed to involve the whole family. Family members learn to teach the same exercises using the same hand signals and words. The dogs become increasingly comfortable in the presence of other dogs and children in the structured classroom setting. Class size and instructor ratios are the key in giving each family personal attention. We focus on good house manners, such as greeting visitors without jumping up, settling down when the energy level is too high, taking walks with the family instead of pulling them down the road, and coming when called. We use humane training methods incorporating positive reinforcement and a step by step approach stressing success at each level. 

Our classes incorporate canine agility equipment and a simple rally obedience course to add interest and challenge along with obstacle training and work stations. Graduation night includes off leash recalls, agility, and our own Howl-ee-wood Dog night with tricks by each family dog. Treats and prizes for participants are a special element for our final graduation party.

We have written and edited our own Family Dog Training manual that complements our class. This book provides a resource for our families long after the class has ended. It’s filled with articles on common behavior issues, review for basic exercises and there’s even a section teaching tricks the easy way!

NEW CLASS - American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen class - prerequisite - Family Dog Class
The goal of this class is to enhance the training started in our Family Dog Class.  It promotes responsible dog ownership and has specific goals to reach in order to test for the Canine Good Citizens certificate.  This is a non-competitive program open to all dogs, purebreds and mixed breeds too.  CGC class is an advanced level course with more responsibility placed on continued training at home.  The goal oriented course is 4 weeks long, one night a week with testing done on the fourth week.  There is no “fail” here.  If a certain test item needs more work, the student/dog are invited to return for testing  again.  The course includes the book “Citizen Canine” by Mary R. Burch, PhD.  This class also provides some preparation training for those people interested in moving on to therapy dog work. 

Head Start Puppy Training is a four week course designed to target puppies between 10 and 16 weeks of age. This class teaches the family how to create the ultimate puppy environment and sets everybody up for success! We even recommend this class for potential puppy owners. The class fields questions and concerns over typical puppy problems. House training and chew toy training and crate training are stressed in building a program to teach puppy everything he needs to know to have a long and happy life in his new home. Social contact with other puppies and children in the classroom environment provide many learning opportunities for each family learning how to “read body language” and participate in the play with appropriate rules. The puppies learn acceptable play with others of their species.

One-on-one behavior and training consultation is tailored to suit the lifestyle and needs of one family. We come to your home, and through a detailed behavior profile we help address the primary concerns and issues of the individual family dog. Together, we determine realistic and attainable goals within the timeframe of our scheduled visits. 

Each of these programs is designed to help the family dog become more compliant. These programs are only successful with the dedication and work of the entire family. There are no magic pills or quick fixes.  Success with the family dog takes the commitment of the family and a consistent program and routine.  We are here to provide the skills and encouragement and sometimes nagging to help our families succeed.

As instructors, we continue to gain knowledge of canine behavior and learning theory and to enhance and improve our classes and private consultations on a continual basis. We also modify the program to suit the needs of the individual families and dogs. Children are welcome to participate in our class. We have clear rules and boundaries for their participation. It provides all of our student dogs the opportunity to socialize around well behaved kids. Our kids learn kindness and compassion and responsibility along with teaching their dogs tricks and manners.

We love what we do and wish success for each of our clients and their chosen pets. Contact us today for your FREE initial consultation!

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